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McLaren is a car company that has been around for a long time. Asthe company is still going strong years, it only makes sense to investigate the car's history and its genuine parts. The McLaren Development Centre in the small town of Woking, England, is home to McLaren Automotive.

McLaren Automotive joined the giant McLaren Group as a wholly-owned company in July 2017. It is a British luxury car manufacturer once known as McLaren Cars. This production space designs the company's primary product, which is the supercars.

The history of the company itself is several years older.

History of McLaren

In 2010, McLaren Automotive took over for McLaren Cars. Established in 1985, McLaren Cars introduced its first F1 car in 1992. Before founding McLaren Automotive in 2010, McLaren Cars was listed as a "hibernating corporation" between 1994 and 2010. To facilitate the purchase of a new endeavor, the new firm was initially established separately from the current McLaren businesses. However, in July 2017, after Ron Dennis' departure, McLaren automotive joined the McLaren group, and this event reunited the two businesses.

Bruce McLaren, the man behind McLaren's Formula One team, was born in 1937 in Auckland, New Zealand. At his parents' garage and service station in his native Auckland, New Zealand, McLaren gained knowledge of automobiles and engineering.

He had come to the UK in 1958 as part of the "Driver to Europe" program, which encouraged Aussie racers to contest with the best drivers in the world. Bruce was introduced to Cooper Cars by his mentor Jack Brabham- a relatively small team based in London- prepared to usher in a breakthrough with its compact, petite Grand Prix vehicles. McLaren had a positive start to his F2 tenure in 1958, and in 1959, he joined the F1 squad and collaborated with Cooper for seven whole years.

Being the youngest Grand Prix champion, Bruce immediately made an impression by dominating the 1959 US Grand Prix at just 22 years and 80 days.

From Winning to Manufacturing

The M1A, which Bruce and his tiny crew created in 1964, quickly rose to the top of the sports car racing field in Europe and America. Following the demonstration of its reliability, the company constructed twenty-four prototypes in response to orders. The M1B, which succeeded it, was even faster and helped Bruce's fledgling team win the first Can-Am championship. These vehicles, speedier than the Formula one racing cars at the time, produced a colorful display complemented by the rich rumble of powerful American V8 engines that had been finely tuned. Bruce finished third in the series, but McLaren did not win the championship's first season.

The beginning of one of motorsport history’s most enduring occurrences happened the following year, in 1967. Bruce and Denny Hulme brought Kiwis pride in Can-Am vehicles, sporting their signature papaya orange coloring, winning 80% of the races. Bruce claimed McLaren's maiden championship.

The "Bruce and Denny program" continued throughout the next five seasons, with Hulme winning in 1968 and 1970 while Bruce won again in 1969. In 1971, Peter Revson prevailed for McLaren. The factory McLarens captured 37 of the 43 championships between 1967 and 1971.   Due to their domination, racing sports cars sold in droves, and sometimes a consumer car also took first place. McLaren won 43 races throughout the Can-Am series, over three times as many as its nearest competitor.

Thus, McLaren made a name in F1 history for years to come and would continue to do so as the years went on. Since 1971, McLaren has won many Formula one races and thus continues to grow in that domain.

Genuine McLaren Parts: Where are They Made?

McLaren has been in business for quite a while, but that’s because they are dedicated to the process. Each part goes through rigorous testing before being sent out for customer use. The location for constructing these parts is Technology Centre, which the McLaren Group has recently constructed.

The Technology Centre serves as the group's administrative center and is built to highlight the company's technical and design prowess. It has design studios, research facilities, and elevated race car testing and manufacturing facilities. If you look at the plan, the structure is nearly semicircular. It has a  lake that completes the circle serving as an essential component of the cooling system imparted to the structure.

Several new road cars, including the 600bhp MP4-12C, have been introduced by McLaren Automotive thanks to the current production center located directly near the technology center. Despite having two levels and 32,000 square meters of space, the building is buried lightly in the ground to minimize its visual impact.

What’s so Great About Genuine McLaren Parts?

Weight reduction has been considered in designing, testing, and fine-tuning every McLaren component to increase efficiency and performance. Simply put, all parts provide the degree of adrenaline you would anticipate from these cars.

McLaren Genuine Parts are created and manufactured with ultimate exclusivity. They undergo the constant development process that McLaren applies to everything they build. It’s a philosophy that underlies all its authentic components.

A McLaren owner merits nothing less when preserving the genuine McLaren driving experience. The certification process for a McLaren alternator required six hundred hours. The company conducted additional durability testing lasting one hundred hours, mimicking 826 circles around a circuit. 

Unlike what other manufacturers would choose, this is not an off-the-shelf alternator. McLaren made sure that the device could meet the highest requirements. Then they installed it in the vehicles.

In other words, a McLaren dynamo is exclusively for McLaren, just like all their genuine parts are, because a McLaren is unique compared to other vehicles.

Final Thoughts

 The history of genuine McLaren parts can give you an idea of the degree of growth that the company has gone through and the feats of engineering it has accomplished since its inception back in the day. The company is trying its absolute best to remain in rotation even now. You will likely need some help getting parts if you own a McLaren.

However, this is where Exotic Auto parts come in. We offer genuine parts for exotic cars all over the world. We sell to retail and wholesale customers as we genuinely believe in creating connections for a lifetime. To find out more about us, please visit www.exoticautoparts.co today!

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