Automotive Tools



Giovanni Accinni S.r.l. already realized in 1989 the great importance that electronics applied to the automotive field would have, offering a whole series of services projected towards a future in which it would become a reality. 

These services have gradually increased in direct proportion to the massive use of electronics, in order to brilliantly solve all those new problems that presented themselves to our customers day by day.

The wide use of digital electronics in on-board instrumentation has made it necessary to study, design and build increasingly sophisticated equipment capable of being able to communicate easily with these new systems. Our services aim to solve all those problems that may be encountered on digital and electronic equipment.
In recent years, the world's car manufacturers have produced and placed on the market cars which, in order to be at the forefront, increasingly make use of digital electronics. 

This new trend has meant that insiders are increasingly attentive to what the market offers, turning to qualified companies able to solve all those problems that until now had not been encountered, companies capable of providing an assistance service. 360-degree technique, to design and supply increasingly sophisticated equipment to speed up and facilitate work in a vast field such as that of electronics applied to vehicles.


GALILEO  is the first professional diagnostician  for the diagnosis of motor vehicles  the size of a tablet. Thanks to its compact size and ultra-light weight, it allows excellent handling with excellent performance both from the point of view of diagnosis management, which is always intuitive and fast, and in terms of diagnostic performance. 


Leonardo Professional Diagnosis car customizable car houses

If the official service networks have equipment supplied directly by the manufacturer, multi-brand workshops need a tool capable of diagnosing a large number of car brands without sacrificing the performance and potential that only the official tester has. . LEONARDO was created precisely for this purpose, to give the opportunity to interact with the on-board electronics by doing what the official diagnostician does: reading parameters, component checks, adaptations, coding, variation of fittings, etc.